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At Tim's Fine Catering Services, our mission is to deliver the finest catering with a professional and attentive service team.

We are able to tailor our menu's and service to

suit every occasion from a friendly supper to a large wedding.

Our food and our approach are different in that we seek to help you as your guest enjoy the whole occasion.

My wide experience of restaurants, corporate fine dining and private events enables me to offer advice on how to tailor our service to achieve exactly what you want.

Just ask!

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Chef Tim Fine Catering Services


Chef Tim's culinary journey started at the tender age of 17 at a 1 Michelin starred restaurant in his home town.

The restaurant helmed by Jean-Michel Hengge (a french native stranded in the Netherlands because of l'amour) took the young apprentice under his wings.

Initially starting as a dishwasher in his younger years Tim fell in love with all the passion going on around him.

This didn't go unnoticed by Chef Jean-Michel and before he knew it Tim was chopping vegetables and helping out making starters and desserts.

After working here for a bit over 2 years it was time to move on.


His second apprentice ship was in another 1 Michelin star awarded restaurant called "Herberg onder de Linden".

situated in a small village just out of town this restaurant was famous for it's use of organic and local products!




All over the country Tim worked,


Zweeloo a tiny village in a neighbouring province.

"Restaurant Idylle" awarded one Michelin star, here Tim finished his apprentice ship and signed his first contract as a proffesionnal Chef!


Amsterdam "Restaurant Halvemaan" a famous restaurant where he spend 2 years 


The Haque "Hotel Restaurant Savelberg" another Michelin starred establishment and part of the "Relais & Chateaux"


More Internships


Netherlands Sluis "Restaurant Oud sluis" awarded with 3 Michelin stars


UK London "Sketch" awarded with 2 michelin stars


France Illhausern "Auberge de l'ill" awarded 3 michelin stars



Singapore Fine dining

After all that time in Europe it was time to explore the world!

Back packing thru Asia.

Thailand, Laos, Malaysia.

So much inspiration so many new ingredients eager to explore more Tim decided to stick around in.....Singapore!

Where he worked for "Saint Pierre", now after two and a half years it is time to move on to the next step!


Start his own company, bringing top quality catering to you!