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Tim's Fine Catering Services



State-of-the-Art Canapé Collection

A selection of exquisite canapés handcrafted by Chef Tim Meijers. Every canapé is made to perfection with precision, care and pride.


The Artisan Canapé Box is the epitome of Chef Tim's cuisine - modern French with a hint of Japanese influence.


Unveiling The Artisan Canapé Box – Classic Selection, consisting of 12 delectable signature canapés, presented in a meticulously crafted box.  This classic menu is carefully curated by Chef Tim, with persevering focus on the quality and freshness of ingredients sourced and served.  Each canapé is unique and well-balanced in terms of aesthetic, texture and taste


Classic Selection

Boston Lobster Cannelloni filled with Mushroom Duxelles, Baeri Caviar

and Salted Lemon


Hokkaido Scallop Pudding with Hokkaido Scallop Tataki

and Burned Grapefruit Segments


Chilled Somen Noodles with Jellified Tomato Bouillon, Salmon Belly Tataki

Seaweed Salad and Ikura


Burrata Cheese with Rouille Sauce, Pesto Scented Vine Tomatoes

and Basil Spherification (v)


Poached Purple Artichokes with Hollandaise Sauce, Sugar Snap Julienne

and Pickled Beet (v)


Truffle Scented Bulgur Salad with Fennel Shavings, Fresh Mint

and Green Apple Pearls (v)


Beef Tenderloin Rouleaux filled with Wild Mushroom Duxelles

and La Ratte Potato Confit


Smoked Duck Breast with Foie Gras Terrine, Mint Scented Heirloom Carrot Mousse

and Pickled Heirloom Carrot


Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Smoked Capsicum Vinaigrette

Thyme and Black Garlic


Mango Bavarois with White Chocolate and Passion Fruit


Dutch Dessert “Tompouce”

Crisp Puff Pastry with Custard, Orange Icing and Orange Zest


Dark Chocolate Spheres with Marinated Berries and Edible Gold Leaf

. . . . . . . . .


* (v) denotes: Vegetarian

You will find some of Chef Tim’s signature dishes presented in canapé form, in the Classic Selection menu. They are: 


Boston Lobster Cannelloni filled with Mushroom Duxelles, Baeri Caviar and Salted Lemon

- One of Chef Tim’s Celebrated Starters -


This canapé is a Lobster Rouleaux filled with Wild Mushroom Duxelles that is cooked with shallots and garlic confit.  For this dish, Chef Tim uses live Boston Lobsters, topped with Baeri Caviar.  Baeri Caviar comes from Russian sturgeon, raised in Italy or in Bulgaria.  This caviar has a fine and delicate flavor with a hint of hazelnut.  


Chilled Somen Noodles with Jellified Tomato Bouillon, Salmon Belly Tataki Seaweed Salad and Ikura

- The Paragon of Chef Tim’s Cuisine -


This canapé showcases a perfect balance of fine French and Japanese cuisine.  For this dish, Chef Tim cooks the tomato bouillon for 24 hours.  Roasted the Salmon Belly with an open flame, and topped with Ikura from Hokkaido, giving this canapé its nature seasoning.

Through the elevation of not only his cuisine and culinary skills, but of creation and orchestration of tasting ambience and sequence of these canapés, Chef Tim Meijers transcends boundaries to bring the gastronomy experience to another level. 


With the uptake of sustainability practices, our canapés are presented in biodegradable materials along with biodegradable cutlery to be provided.


Furthermore, we would like to encourage our friends and clients

to keep and recycle this beautiful box after consumption, for

other storage purposes.


Each canapé box comes with a printed menu, along with Chef Tim’s recommendation on the sequence to luxuriate the unique flavours of each canapé.  Napkins and biodegradable cutlery are inclusive. Price at $128 per box (subject to GST) with delivery.


The Artisan Canapé Box is the quintessential gift for both corporate and personal purposes. The selection of canapés may

be customised upon request, to meet one’s dietary preferences

and catering requirements.

Experience this elevating canapés catering service.

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